Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Journey back to reality

Yesterday we left Alert military base to return to the UK - the journey will take four days and we are currently in Resolute Bay, staying at the Polar Continental Shelf project.

We saw our first sunset in over a week which made me think about coming back to reality from the very intense and exciting time we spent in Alert - only nine days, but it felt longer due to the isolation and hard work we put in during that time.

We're writing up all our data and getting to grips with the quantity and quality of what we have but I think I can say that overall we are very pleased with what we collected. 

We've got the trips Resolute-Ottawa and Ottawa-London to go before the busy life of central London student hits again! I'm looking forward to getting home but wondering what it will all feel like after this experience. When we returned from Antarctica that really did feel like an upheaval from what had become normal, and I wonder if this time might be more similar than I had anticipated.

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