Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Preparations for the trip

After several months of planning, we are on our way to the Arctic and need to pack and get going! I’ve been coordinating the UCL component of the fieldwork and have been accumulating equipment, tools, knowledge and paperwork in my office – now is the time to put it all together and depart for Canada!

This is the route map Katharine prepared of our journey to Alert base, where we will stay during the field campaign - it is the northernmost settlement on Earth.

And just before we go, here are photos of me making a last minute addition of a fur ruff to my jacket hood to keep warm air close to the face… and getting everything into my bag!


  1. Good luck Rosie, hope the trip goes well. I'll keep an eye on your blog when I get chance. We'll miss you on Friday, but I'm sure you will see lots of pictures in due course & we can celebrate again in Brighton! All the best, be careful you guys, Tommy x

  2. Hi Rosie, best of luck with the trip! Can we see a photo of the fur trimmed parka please :-)
    Sally x